Nice Words

Brilliant! This approach is applicable in ALL stages and ages! Very glad I attended, will absolutely be retraining myself and my kids this weekend. Make way for better days! :) Thank you Brenda

Karen Clark

Very practical presentation with helpful ways of managing challenging behaviour. Was very very good.

Peg Morgan

Awesome stuff! Thank you for your words of wisdom. It was very helpful and practical. These principles are easy and very achievable.

Bernadette Dias

Thank you! As a parent and as a teacher, the jungle is now so much more obvious to me. Awareness! I gained a great deal from your presentation; this will help me at home and in the classroom.

Elizabeth Cain

Thank you for a very enjoyable  and worthwhile morning.

John Cleary

Your content and message is incredibly practical and palatable. Your voice is very easy to listen to. Best explanation for ADHD I've ever heard. You told the whole story - what is the jungle, why kids go there, how to try to avoid it, what to do to help them get out of the jungle. Clear practical and doable.

Sarah - Teacher

So informative, I think I learnt just as much about my own emotional responses as well as my students! Great use of the jungle analogy as well as the soccer/ref analogy. Looking forward to defining the line for my students.

Jacqueline Parr - St Patrick's College Gympie

Thanks. As both a teacher and a parent I've learnt a lot! Very good speaker, easy to listen to.

Miriam Bates

The 'Jungle' concept is excellent. Removal of confrontation as a means of dealing with behavioural issues is the strongest aspect of this approach. May need a shovel to dig a ditch to "Stay out of the Jungle"

Philippe Vial