It's A Jungle

It's a Jungle

Bad behaviour is not acceptable but everyone will do jungle behaviour at some time in their life; a line gets crossed. The important key is how we respond. Do we develop a way to settle and no longer do this, or do we go with the instinct to Come out Fighting and reinforce the battle over Whoever Does It Best Wins?


Would you like to ...

  • Recognise the jungle in children’s behaviour?
  • Stay out of the jungle yourself?
  • Understand the link between emotions and behaviour?
  • Teach your children how to be on the right side of the line?

It's a Jungle - A Parent's Guide to Emotions and Behaviour has practical strategies to help!



Teach them how to stay on the right side of the line while also learning how to recognise the jungle in your children and stay out of the jungle yourself.
Dr Brenda Heyworth is a child and family psychiatrist who’s transformed her knowledge and experience into a parenting approach …
Spreading the 'jungle' message through workshops and presentations for parents, foster carers, teachers, guidance officers and workplaces ...